From first listening, one can recognize the unique sound signature of Gute Gute, who continue to emphasize their style rich in instruments and voices. The result is a fun song that brings with it a spirit of joy, of hope, and anticipation for better days. Something in the song conveys "Israeliness" in the beautiful and optimistic sense of the word, along with many references to nature. The rhythm is light, and at times reminds of Mosh Ben-Ari, especially in the line "In every path you go, the way will light for you." In conclusion, this is a real candy in honor of the new year.

Gute Gute, for those who are unfamiliar, are a colorful Mediterranean - Balkan - band in which each member of the band plays more than one instrument and together they create sounds that will make you move exactly to the beat. This is music that is all about a rhythmic party experience that is hard to describe in genre patterns, something you do not want to miss, and even if you happen to listen to this wonderful group on the recording - one of the reasons to wait for the end of the quarantine is the live performance of this thing.

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