Aviv Kest

guitars, bouzouki & vocals

“Exuberant and flamboyant frontman Aviv Kest, a dynamic lead-vocalist who also plays guitar and the Greek bouzouki, serves as the focal point in engaging with the crowd”

Amitai Mann

clarinet, saxophone, gaida & vocals

“The melodic side is kept on-lock by Amitai Mann, a clarinet and saxophone virtuoso who also brings out the Balkan bagpipes to really get things moving”

Yanush Hurwitz

accordion & keytar

"A master of the accordion is only rivaled by his abilities on the fabled Keytar"

Meir Yaniger

drums & percussion

“The crack rhythm section consists of classically-trained drummer/percussionist Meir Yaniger, whose versatility, rock-solid timing and intricate grooves keep everything grounded”

Meidad Cohen

Electric Bass

“Charismatic bassist Meidad Cohen, a master of both the acoustic, upright bass and electric bass guitar - is a living legend"

Nadav Fast

violin (guest artist)

We are thrilled to welcome Nadav Fast as a Guest Artist on the violin. Nadav brings a rich blend of innovation and tradition to every performance, captivating audiences with his musical artistry.