InDnegev 2019 Festival surprise # 2 Gute Gute

The Gute Gute story is a beautiful story of how musicians grow. They started out as a successful wedding band, continued with original materials but still in the Jerusalem-wedding-humbling atmosphere. And lately they've been making switches and trying to focus the sound and make it more contemporary, with electronics and production experiments. The combination of this and the mileage they have in front of an audience has brought them to the most flattering state of the festival: a performance that stays with it from start to finish. Who happened to be on another stage, river as in the story of the pioneer after the clarinet and bass sounds. Everything was tight and they seemed relaxed in front of the large crowd. They are now working on a second album and it is too early to know how many of the genres they operate in will sound in one piece, but in the meantime we had a perfect festival performance.