Art troupes blow a new wind to Hue Festival 2022 The performances of domestic and foreign art troupes have "blown" a new and joyful breeze to all the streets of Hue city.

Mai Trang (TTXVN/Vietnam+) 

<The Gute Gute band from Israel performed at the Beer Quoc Hoc stage, attracting a large audience with vibrant and modern repertoire. Almost half of the time has passed, Hue Festival Week 2022 has partly satisfied the expectations of people and visitors after 4 years of waiting. 

The performances of domestic and foreign art troupes have "blown" a new and joyful breeze to all the streets of Hue city. The rain gradually stopped when the drums, guitar, saxophone ... of the Gute Gute Band from Israel rang out, attracting a large audience to the Beer Quoc Hoc stage (Hue city). The five band members brought their compositions about love, homeland, and the connection between people from many countries. 

The combination of traditional and modern instruments and the harmonious coordination between the members brings unique folk music repertoire, bold punk-rock character and modern electronic effects. All of them "burn" to their best and create a bustling atmosphere suitable for a cultural festival like Hue Festival 2022.

<Member Amitai Mann of the Gute Gute Band shared: "Vietnamese people are really great. They are music lovers, love the novelty of music and always create passionate effects for the repertoire. That's what motivates us to come back and give more." 

The stage was almost overloaded with the heat of the performance, many people stood on the sidewalks and streets under the rain to enjoy the performances. "Although it was the first time the band performed at Hue Festival, Gute Gute's concert was really impressive. They helped us understand more about the culture, art and people of Israel", said audience Nguyen Thi Van (Hue city) commented. Hue Festival 2022 is a special occasion for 45 artists and actors of the troupe to exchange and learn the expertise and performance of other domestic and foreign art troupes. Recovery after the COVID-19 epidemic in many countries is still slow. 

Therefore, many international art troupes miss the opportunity to perform at Hue Festival 2022. "Our band has been thinking of coming back to Hue to perform, travel and even collaborate with the artists here. If given the opportunity, we will definitely do it. The people of Hue are so lovely. We really love the beautiful city of Hue," confided artist Amitai Mann.